Best Sightseeing and Activities for Kids in Turkey

Updated on Apr 16, 2024 | Turkey e-Visa

Activities for kids in Turkey. Explore the Legoland centre, theme park, aqua park, aquarium, etc., to reveal the excitement of kids. These destinations will make your family vacation memorable for you kids in Turkey.

Are you searching for the best destination to spend the family vacation with kids? Out of all the places in Europe, Turkey can be shortlisted as the best place for kids and family vacations. The country offers numerous activities that uplift the excitement of kids and the best sightseeing places perfect for a family vacation. Planning a travel itinerary with kids is quite challenging because a continuous visit to the historical sites, ancient markets, etc., might not seize their attention. Let’s explore the best sightseeing places and activities for kids in the splendid country to make it a memorable family vacation.

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Legoland Theme Park

Legoland Discovery Centre is the best for kids to explore and build their imagination. Regardless of age, Legoland offers a fulfilled day out. The Legoland Discovery Centre, which is in Istanbul, offers various LEGO-themed activities, rides, etc. The captivating experience of this indoor attraction is that visitors are allowed to explore and build their own LEGO creations or take part in the programs and workshops. Inside the Legoland, Miniland is an impressive attraction that is completely built using Legos. Replicating Istanbul’s famous buildings and landmarks, including the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazar, etc.

The 4D films of Legoland Discovery Centre are short but breathtaking. The combination of visual and sensory effects makes the film more thrilling and exciting. Never miss out to explore the Kingdom Quest Laser Ride, Lego Racers, Merlin’s Apprentice Ride and Lego Factory tour.

Vialand Theme Park

An exciting and thrilling adventure awaits in the land of Vialand Theme Park. If you are looking for an adventurous day with the shopping site, Vialand Theme Park, which is in Istanbul, is the best destination. The theme park has everything you need for an action day out with your kids. The world's 4th largest roller-coaster, long rides, lazy river, carousels, etc., and a shopping complex which provide the best entertainment for the kids. Besides the various rides, the crazy river, which runs about 700 meters and ends with a waterfall, is a must-try ride. Other attractions such as The Justice Tower, King Kong and Vikings are noteworthy to mention.

It is advised to visit Vialand Theme Park on weekdays as weekends might be heavily crowded. The theme park also offers Cloud Express, a train journey transporting visitors of all ages to the steep hill of Vialand Theme Park, providing a specular view of the landscape.

Istanbul Aquarium

The aquarium is a spectacular tourist destination in Istanbul. This tourist attraction takes half a day to explore the sea life. Istanbul is home to two aquariums. One is in Forum Istanbul, which is famous for sharks. The other aquarium is in Florya, which has all kinds of sea creatures. The aquarium exhibits the underwater life. Istanbul’s Florya Aquarium is popular for its 18 themed zones. All the themed zones cover ocean, sea and rainwater over two floors with 17,000 sea creatures and 1500 species. The Florya aquarium extends to a 6,000 square feet area and 1.2 Km excursion from the Black Sea to the ocean, providing a visual treat.

The aquarium also facilitates 5D film, so never miss the chance to explore the visual effects of the movie. Travelers can visit the aquarium all day between 10 am to 8 pm. Be mindful of the entry fee, and kids under the age of two are exempted from the entry fee.

Kusadasi Aquapark

Adaland Aquapark is Turkey’s largest and best water park. It has the best water slides and pools, offering an exciting and fun-filled day. Regardless of their age, people can enjoy and relax their day in the wave pools of Kusadasi Aquapark. Besides the water slides, visitors can also enjoy the rafting and surfing activities. The activity pool, kids pool, lazy river, little kid’s zone, wave pool, jacuzzi and trampoline offer safe and peaceful spaces to enjoy the day out with kids. However, if you prefer a different experience, try rafting, water coaster, white tiger, tarantula, rain dance, mini tornado, etc., to experience thrilling moments.

Another major kid attraction in the aquapark is the dolphin and sea lion show. Kids will be amazed to see the cute sea creature stealing the show with dancing and jumping. The show will last for three hours, subject to an entry fee, and visitors can swim with dolphins after the show.

Basilica Cistern

The Basilica Cistern is an underground water cistern built in the 4th Century during the period of Emperor Constantine. During the Byzantine region, the cistern is used as an underground water reservoir. The view of Basilica Cistern with 336 enormous columns, especially the one column with the giant Medusa head, might allure the kids. The cistern is 100 meters tall and encompasses 12 rows, each with 28 columns; the stairway, the architecture, history, and the majestic columns of the cistern together fit for an ideal tourist destination to attract kids. Basilica Cistern is the best destination to explore the atmosphere of underground shallow water.  

Basilica Cistern is one of the oldest cisterns, and it holds 80,000 cubic meters of water. To engage the kids, you can brief them on the mythology of Medusa and the history of Basilica Cistern. The 30-minute tour to Basilica Cistern will give an experience of walking back to ancient times.


The Ottoman Empire is considered one of the grandest and longest-lasting dynasties to have ever existed in world history. The Ottoman emperor Sultan Suleiman Khan (I) was a staunch believer of Islam and a lover of art and architecture.

Traveling with kids demands proper planning. Besides the above-mentioned destination, the country offers endless tourist destinations that are perfect for a family vacation. The calm beaches, natural wonders and other specific places enriches the excitement in kids to explore and create lasting memories.

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