Do You Need a Travel Insurance to Visit Turkey?

Updated on Apr 25, 2024 | Turkey e-Visa
Travelers visiting Turkey must have a travel insurance plan covering their entire stay in the country. Travel insurance acts as a financial tool, covering expenses due to sudden medical emergencies or travel-related mishaps.

Turkey is a tourist delight that should not be missed. With so many monuments, beaches, remains, and landscapes to see and enjoy, Turkey offers a splendid experience for travelers who set foot in the country. Reaching the country takes a lot of preparations, such as preparing a travel itinerary, valid passport, Turkey e-visa, supporting documents, etc., to have worry-free arrival and departure. Besides the preparations, is travel insurance necessary for visiting Turkey? Yes, travel insurance is a necessary investment to be prepared in advance for any unexpected events.

As exploring the landscape of Turkey, it is equally important to secure the health and well-being of you and your loved ones. Highlighting the significance of travel insurance, it is made mandatory for all travelers to have travel insurance valid for their entire stay in Turkey. Travelers are advised to buy a travel insurance plan for Turkey before applying for a Turkey visa. Moreover, it serves as an additional supporting document for the Turkey visa process. Failing to submit travel insurance documents during the visa process might lead to visa rejection.

What is Travel Insurance? Travel insurance financially safeguards you against unforeseen events while you are far away from your home. In specific, travel insurance offers the necessary financial assistance at needful times. Regardless of the planning put into operation to execute safe and secure travel, unforeseen situations are inevitable. If so, the benefits of travel insurance come into force to support you financially and provide assistance 24/7.

Some of the key coverage and benefits of travel insurance are as follows:

Turkey e-Visa or Turkey Visa Online is an electronic travel authorization or travel permit to visit Turkey for a period of upto 90 days. Government of Turkey recommends that international visitors must apply for a Turkey Visa Online at least three days before you visit Turkey. Foreign citizens can apply for an Turkey Visa Application in a matter of minutes. Turkey Visa application process is automated, simple, and completely online.

Medical Emergencies

The change in temperature, cuisine and enjoying restless adventures might make a person fall sick. A sudden medical emergency can disturb your trip and bring forth financial worry about how to handle the situation. Travel insurance offers coverage for sudden medical emergencies or hospitalization in a foreign land.

Daily Cash Allowance

Besides emergency medical assistance and hospitalization, some travel insurance plans offer a daily cash allowance. If the hospitalization in a foreign land extends more than two days, you are entitled to a fixed daily cash allowance. This might be helpful to cover the cost of accommodation, food, medicines and other related expenses.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

It is a well-known fact that booking flight tickets at the neck of time will be expensive. Travel insurance offers emergency medical evacuation of the person under the advice of a medical practitioner. In case of emergency medical evacuation, travel insurance takes care of the expenses incurred from evacuating you to your residence.

Trip Cancellation

Planning the trip in advance, such as booking a return ticket, hotel, etc., is a good choice to avoid a last-minute rush. What if the trip is canceled? Such instances can result in financial loss. To tackle such instances, travel insurance reimburses the related expenses, if the trip is canceled due to a medical emergency, natural catastrophe, weather condition, etc.

Trip Delay or Interruption

What is the case if the flight delays or the trip is interrupted? You may find yourself spending extra than anticipated for food, accommodation, etc., resulting in unnecessary financial strain. The expenses incurred for flight delay or interruption can be reimbursed through travel insurance plan.

Baggage Loss or Delay

Delay or loss of checked-in luggage is common while traveling. But this also led to a panic situation, as managing without personal belongings or luggage is hard in a foreign land. With the benefit of travel insurance, you can reimburse the expenses incurred for buying the necessities caused by baggage loss or delay. The coverage is subject to the policy limitations.

Personal Liability Coverage

Accidents are unpredictable, if you end up causing harm to a third party or their property, you may be subject to pay a fine. This causes additional and unexpected financial distress. In such instances, if you have invested in a comprehensive travel insurance policy, the expenses will be reimbursed under personal liability coverage.

Emergency Trip Extension

Owing to a few unavoidable situations such as political reasons, weather conditions, natural catastrophe, booking flights, etc., might prolong your stay in the foreign land resulting in additional expenses. In such moments the emergency trip extension coverage extends its financial protection by reimbursing the expenses and related cost.

Emergency Assistance

Most travel insurance plans offer round the clock emergency assistance. A must needed benefit while travelling to foreign land. Medical consultation, emergency assistance, travel insurance related information is just a phone call away. A dedicated team works to serve you at any time, providing support and reassurance.

While only a few are listed above, travel insurance offers an array of other benefits as well, such as accidental death and disability coverage, loss of passport, aircraft hijack, alternative transport, theft of cash and travel documents, etc. A comprehensive travel insurance policy must include all the above-stated coverage and additional benefits, offering complete financial protection against emergency hospitalization and travel-related mishaps.

Turkey is a beautiful destination with numerous tourist attractions. Do not let travel related mishaps hinder your vacation. Never skip to compare the coverage and benefits of travel insurance policy to opt for the one that favours your needs in the best way. Travel insurance is a cost saving financial tool that keeps your worries at bay and offers safe and secure travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is travel insurance required for a Turkey visa?

Yes, as mentioned by Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, applicants who are applying for a Turkey visa must have medical insurance that is valid during their entire stay in Turkey. Therefore, travel insurance is a must have document for applying for a Turkey visa, failing to submit the same might result in visa rejection.

Are the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) and European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) valid to use in Turkey?

No, the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) and European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are not valid in Turkey. So, these cards will not cover the medical expenses incurred in Turkey.

How to buy a travel insurance plan for Turkey?

Travel insurance plans for Turkey are readily available online and offline. Buying travel insurance online turns out to be the convenient option. It is advisable to choose a travel insurance company that offers round the clock assistance and maintains a good claim settlement ratio. Before purchasing the plan, compare their coverage, additional benefits, exclusion, limitations and cost to opt for the best travel insurance plan.

What are the exclusions of Turkey travel insurance plan?

The exclusion of travel insurance plans varies from one travel insurance company to another. Some travel insurance plans might exclude pre-existing diseases and adventurous sport activities, in contrast others travel insurance plans might provide coverage for the same. It is advised to look through and understand the inclusion and exclusion before opting for a travel insurance plan.


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