Embassy of Algeria in Turkey

Updated on Nov 25, 2023 | Turkey e-Visa

Information about Embassy of Algeria in Turkey

Address: Sehit Ersan Cad., No: 42

06680 Çankaya



Website: http://www.algerianembassy.com.tr/ 

Turkey can be posited as a country rich in history and culture boasting numerous landmarks visited by tourists from all around the world. Unique fusion between the above-mentioned places with history, nature and culture, attracts tourists to fascinating landmarks all over Turkey. One such landmark in Turkey is the Hagia Sophia, located in Istanbul. It was originally built as a Byzantine church in the 6th-century but it later became a mosque and is currently recognised as a museum. This architectural piece showcases a harmonious blend of Byzantine and Ottoman styles, making it a symbol of cultural and historical richness in Turkey.

Moreover, for easy accessibility for the tourists, here are restaurants near Hagia Sophia:

Sultanahmet Köftecisi

Located just a short walk from Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet Köftecisi is a renowned restaurant specializing in köfte, a traditional Turkish meatball dish. The köfte is made with a secret blend of spices and served with grilled vegetables and freshly baked bread.

Matbah Restaurant

Situated in the historic Sultanahmet district, Matbah Restaurant offers a unique dining experience with its focus on Ottoman cuisine. The restaurant's menu features authentic dishes inspired by centuries-old recipes from the Ottoman Empire along with delicacies such as lamb stew, stuffed eggplant, and various types of pilaf.

Balıkçı Sabahattin

For seafood enthusiasts, Balıkçı Sabahattin is a must-visit restaurant near Hagia Sophia, known for its fresh seafood. From grilled fish to shrimp casserole, the menu offers a wide selection of flavorful dishes that highlight the coastal culinary traditions of Turkey.

Fuego Restaurant & Bar

For travelers looking for a modern dining experience, Fuego Restaurant & Bar is a great choice. Located in the Kumkapi neighborhood, this restaurant specializes in contemporary Turkish cuisine with a fusion twist such as lamb chops with pomegranate glaze or stuffed vine leaves with truffle oil.

These are just a few of the many culinary delights that can be found near the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul which cater to a variety of tastes.

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