How to Get Turkey Visa on Arrival: A Handy Travel Guide for First timer

Updated on Feb 13, 2024 | Turkey e-Visa

Getting a visa on arrival in Turkey? Don’t rush! Learn if you can get it before you go. Here’s all the information you need, from visa requirements to extension.

It goes without saying that Turkey is a wonderful travel destination for vacation. There’s so much to explore! And, the first thing you need is to apply for a Turkey visit visa! It’s the legal permit to enter this country and stay for a specific duration.

However, if you are comfortable with the Turkey eVisa online application and thinking of getting a Turkey travel visa on arrival, it’s necessary to learn about the visa requirements, documents, and much more. Today’s blog has all the information you need. Go on reading, then!

What Is a Turkey Visa on Arrival (VoA)?

A Turkey visa on arrival allows eligible travelers to enter and stay in this country for up to 90 days for tourism. There are a few eligible countries that can get a Turkey visa on arrival, like the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Bahrain, and many more. You can collect the visa upon arrival from any of the Turkey International airports. Hence, you no longer have to apply for a visa ahead. However, meeting all the visa requirements is mandatory to avoid a visa refusal. 

Turkey Visa Requirements Upon Arrival

In this case, you are receiving your visa upon arrival, which means you are already in Turkey. That’s why meeting the visa requirements and carrying all the necessary documents is mandatory if you don't want to get sent back home. So, make sure you are prepared with all the following documents:

  • A valid passport with a six-month validity from your intended date of arrival
  • A travel itinerary and return flight ticket
  • Proof of accommodation like a hotel reservation
  • Evidence of financial stability, such as a sufficient amount to cover your stay for this specific duration

For the financial proof, you need to present specific evidence demonstrating your financial stability to cover the trip. First, you need to show a sufficient fund in your account of at least US$50 per day to meet the visa requirements. Besides, the following proof you can present:

  • Evidence of income, like rental income or salary slips
  • Bank statements for the last three months
  • Support letter for your family or friends as a guarantee to cover your expenses in Turkey if you fail. In this case, that person must have sufficient funds that you need to prove providing their ID, bank statements, and invitation letter.  

How to Apply for a Turkey Visa on Arrival (VoA)?

If you are an eligible traveler for a Turkey visa on arrival, you need to identify the VoA counter first to show your passport to the officers after landing at the airport. Then, you will get a Turkey visit visa form, which you need to fill up and submit with your passport and other supporting documents, along with the Turkey visa fees. 

Once the application is processed, you will get the sticker visa on your passport, allowing you to stay here for up to 90 days within 180 days of visa validity. In this case, Turkey visa processing time may take up to 2 hours to provide the visa.

Is Visa Extension Possible for a Turkey Visa on Arrival?

Well, yes. You can extend your visa on arrival at the Turkey embassy and immigration office. Based on your travel purpose and situation, the officers will decide the rest. 

In Conclusion

Turkey Visa on Arrival

Turkey visa on arrival is surely a great idea, especially for those who don't feel comfortable with online applications. But, Turkey eVisa is a more convenient alternative to ensure a stress-free trip. 

You just need to enter an official Turkey eVisa website, fill out the form, and submit it. Your eVisa will be in your hands just within two days via your email. If you seek professional assistance for this, we are here for you. At Turkey Visa Online, our agents will help you throughout the process, including document translation, travel authorization, and application review, whether you need a Turkey visa on arrival or online. 

Apply now!

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