The Seven Lakes National Park and The Abant Lake Nature Park

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The Seven Lakes National Park and the Abant Lake Nature Park have become two of the most popular nature retreats in Turkey, for tourists searching to lose themselves in the magnificence of mother nature.

Home to some of the most beautiful and diverse nature parks, Turkey is immensely popular amongst visitors for offering a diverse variety of landscapes and wildlife. For travelers searching for a getaway from their hectic city life and suburban domiciles, the beauty of untamed nature can simply not be compared to anything else. Before you pack your bags and set out on the perfect nature retreat, know everything about the Seven Lakes and Abant Lake Nature Park!

The Yedigöller (Seven Lakes) National Park

The Yedigöller or Seven Lakes National Park is located in the lap of the Black Sea region, which starts from Bolu in the east of Istanbul. Declared as a national park in 1965, the park witnesses a promising climate all throughout the year, thus giving birth to a variety of multi-colored forests, filled with oak, pine, alder, and hazelnut trees. The place derives its name from the seven small lakes that run through the region, namely Buyukgol, Deringol, Seringol, Nazligol, Sazligol, Incegol, and Kucukgol.

Here you will find an abundance of visitors, both local as well as international, through all the four seasons of the year, who come to enjoy the magnificence and serenity of nature. The Yedigöller Park is also home to numerous hot springs, hiking, and exploring opportunities, and in winter, it becomes one of the most beautiful ski centers in Turkey.

A vast land that is covered with various kinds of trees and herbs, The Yedigöller National Park is a piece of land with great significance. A haven for freshwater fishing lovers, this place is the result of an efficient initiative taken by the Government to protect plant and animal life. As a result, the wildlife population in the park, including, deers, foxes, pigs, wolves, and squirrels, has observed a rapid increase. 

At the Seven Lakes National Park, you will be offered a stunning view of the nearby Kapankaya peak. Moving a little ahead, you will be greeted by the deer protection area. An ideal destination for camping, trekking, hosting picnics, and photographing around, the bungalows and guesthouses of the national park are renowned for providing excellent services to the accommodated guests.

The Yedigöller (Seven Lakes) National Park is a treat for all its visitors. The handcrafted bridges are a photographer’s paradise, set on the small waterfalls and fountains that overflow with fresh and cold water from the stream passing through the park. The Seven little lakes are especially beautiful because of their pristine and underdeveloped nature, which has not yet been affected by human interference.

  • Why must you consider visiting the park - The Yedigöller (Seven Lakes) National Park is an excellent nature retreat, where visitors can closely observe the natural beauty of diverse wildlife and beautiful landscape. You can enjoy the absolute serenity of being surrounded by silent nature.
  • What is the best time to visit the park - During the autumn season, the trees of the park are decorated with brilliant hues of green, red, orange, and yellow colors, making autumn the best season to visit the park. 
  • What are the activities offered in the park - Guests are given an opportunity to do nature photography and painting or go around exploring the vast area and rich flora and fauna of the seven lakes region. You can also take part in hiking, camping, angling, fishing salmon trouts in the seven small lakes.
  • Area profile of the park - Located in the 9th district of Bolu in Mengen town, the park runs through an area of 1.623 Hectares. The coordinates of the area are 40°50’41.80” N – 31°35’26.16” E, and a height of 900 m. 
  • How can you reach the park - Located 42 km away from the north of Bolu, it can be reached using the Yenicaga Road, at a distance of 152 km from the Ankara – Istanbul highway. If you are visiting in winter, the  Bolu – Yedigoller route will be closed. You can avail the Yenicaga – Mengen – Yazicik road instead.

The Abant Lake Nature Park

A beautiful freshwater lake situated in the great of Turkey’s Bolu province, Lake Abant nature park has become a popular weekend destination amongst tourists to take a break from their hectic work life and spend a few days in the lap of nature. Visitors can take a long walk in the fresh air or go horseback riding - there is no limit to the list of activities that visitors can participate in the Abant Lake Nature Park.

Initially formed because of a massive landslide, the huge and peaceful Abant Lake is enveloped by layers of dense forests. Here you will find trees of many varieties, including the European black pine, hazels, pine, hornbeams, and oaks. The dense flora of this region blooms throughout the years and observes different colors depending upon the season - it is to no one’s surprise that the Abant Lake Nature Park is home to a huge variety of wild animals. From brown bears to deers, rabbits, to red foxes, at the Abant Lake Nature Park, wildlife is allowed to grow and roam freely. Here at the park, you will even find the Abant Trout, which is found nowhere else on the planet.


One of the biggest advantages of the area is are the availability of numerous guesthouses in the neighbouring tiny town of Mudurmu. You can also stay at the  Büyük Abant Hotel, a five-star hotel situated right next to the water that has become the most popular preference of tourists visiting the area.

There is no shortage of exciting activities which visitors can take part in at the Abant Lake Nature Park, which is also one of its most attractive qualities. When you are there, the first essential activity you need to engage in is just to stroll by the expansive beautiful lake and experience the magnificence and the fresh air. As the stress of your hectic city life melts away at the moment, you can also engage in something a little more active - the trekking routes around Abant lake goes up to an altitude of 1,400 to 1,700 meters, thus offering the guests a fun workout in the lap of nature. While on your way, do not forget to take a break and take in the surrounding spectacular view.

At the park you will come across horses that are rented, with or without a guide, to have a unique experience of traveling around the lake. If you are not a great fan of horses, you can also rent a boat and drift on the crystal clear water and drift away on the water in peace. However, keep in mind that during the colder months the Abant Lake remains completely frozen, so the boating option is only available during Summer.


Tourists can also take a 30-minute horse-drawn carriage ride around the lake, known as a fayton, and enjoy the spectacular views around. There are numerous local restaurants situated by the lake, where visitors can dine on some fresh and tasty seafood. In the winters, many of these restaurants and cafes will light up the fireplace - the scenery with the warm and cozy little cafes are a view to behold! If you want to take some local food home, you can drop by the local village market, called Köy Pazarı, and take home some fresh and homemade delicacies home!

  • Why must you consider visiting the park - Yet another excellent nature retreat, the Abant natural park is famous amongst locals as well as foreigners for the natural beauty of its surroundings. Easily accessible by cars, the area is covered with dense and beautiful forests.
  • What is the best time to visit the park - The best time to visit the park is between May to September.
  • What are the activities offered in the park - Guests can stroll around the area and enjoy the natural beauty, or go trekking, horseback riding, and boating.
  • Area profile of the park - The Abant Lake Natural Park is located on the borders of the Bolu province central district on the Black Sea or Karadeniz region. The park has a total area of 1150 hectares.
  • How can you reach the park - The park can be reached following the Ankara - Istanbul E - 5 State Highway, from where you need to avail the 22 km road on the Ömerler Madensuyu turn.  
  • If you are looking for a peaceful nature retreat, the Seven Lakes National Park and the Lake Abant nature park is the place to be. So, what are waiting for? Grab your travel buddies and set out for the most beautiful nature retreats in Turkey!

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