Turkey Embassy in Cameroon

Updated on Nov 26, 2023 | Turkey e-Visa

Information about Turkey Embassy in Cameroon

Address: Boulevard de L’URSS 1782

BP 35155

Bastos – Yaoundé, Cameroon

Website: http://yaounde.be.mfa.gov.tr 

The Turkey Embassy in Cameroon represents the Turkish government in Cameroon and facilitates diplomatic relations between the two countries. The embassy is located in the capital city of Cameroon, Yaoundé. The Turkey Embassy provides a range of consular services to Turkish citizens residing or visiting Cameroon. These services may include passport issuance, visa application processing, notary services, assistance to Turkish nationals in distress, and general consular assistance. 

Along with the aforementioned, the embassy also works to guide the tourists traveling to and fro Turkey and Cameroon through organizing and working with several attractions across Cameroon itself in order to promote the local culture of Cameroon. Hence, listed below are the four must-visit tourist destinations in Cameroon:

Mount Cameroon

Rising to an elevation of 4,040 meters (13,255 feet), Mount Cameroon is an active volcano and the highest peak in West Africa. It offers breathtaking views and challenging hiking opportunities. Adventurous travelers can embark on a trek to the summit, passing through lush rainforests, volcanic craters, and diverse wildlife. The climb is rewarding, and reaching the top provides a sense of accomplishment and stunning panoramic vistas.


As the largest city and economic hub of Cameroon, Douala is a vibrant and bustling metropolis. It is situated on the Wouri River and boasts beautiful beaches, lively markets, and a mix of modern and colonial architecture. Tourists may explore the Bonanjo neighborhood, visit the lively Marché des Fleurs (Flower Market), or take a stroll along the scenic Boulevard de la Liberté. Douala is also renowned for its vibrant nightlife, with numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants to enjoy.

Waza National Park

Located in the far north of Cameroon, Waza National Park is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Spanning over 1,700 square kilometers (660 square miles), it is home to a diverse range of animals, including elephants, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, and various bird species. Visitors can embark on guided safaris, observing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. The park also offers the opportunity to experience traditional cultural performances and interact with local communities.


Nestled in the scenic highlands of Cameroon, Bamenda is a charming city known for its cool climate, picturesque landscapes, and cultural heritage. One may explore the beautiful Mankon Museum, which showcases the traditions and artifacts of the local Tikar people. Visitors can discover the stunning Bafut Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its intricate carvings and royal history. Additionally, the surrounding countryside offers opportunities for hiking, trekking, and birdwatching, with breathtaking views of the rolling hills and valleys.

These are just a few highlights of the many incredible places to visit in Cameroon. Whether you're drawn to its natural wonders, cultural experiences, or historical sites, Cameroon offers a unique and unforgettable journey for travelers seeking adventure and discovery.