Turkey Embassy in Israel

Updated on Nov 26, 2023 | Turkey e-Visa

Information about Turkey Embassy in Israel

Address: 202, Hayarkon Street

63405 Tel Aviv


Website: http://telaviv.be.mfa.gov.tr/ 

The Turkey Embassy in Israel, located in the capital city of Israel, a middle-eastern country, i.e. Tel Aviv, plays the role of a representative office of Turkey in the country. This is significant so as to maintain peace between the two countries by placing the embassy as the base for communication between the two. They aim to take care of its Turkish nationals alongside also providing them updated information concerning the travel guidelines and tourist destinations in Israel. 

Israel, officially recognised as the State of Israel, is situated in West Asia. The Turkish nationals can refer to the list to have knowledge of the must-visit tourist destinations in Israel:


As the capital of Israel, Jerusalem is a city of great historical and religious significance. It is home to several iconic religious sites, including the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Dome of the Rock. Exploring the narrow streets of the Old City, visiting the Mount of Olives, and experiencing the vibrant marketplaces are must-do activities in Jerusalem.

Tel Aviv

Known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and fascinating beaches, Tel Aviv is a vibrant and modern city. It offers a thriving nightlife scene, excellent dining options, and a variety of cultural events. Tourists can take a stroll along the bustling Rothschild Boulevard, visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, or relax on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.


Located in the Judean Desert, Masada is an ancient fortress with a rich history. It is famous for its aesthetic setting on top of a rocky plateau and its association with Jewish history as well as the Roman Empire. Visitors can hike up to the fortress, explore the ruins, and learn about the heroic story of the Jewish rebels who made their stand against the Romans.

Dead Sea

Situated at the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea is a unique natural formation. Its high salt concentration allows visitors to effortlessly float on its buoyant waters, while the mineral-rich mud found along the shores is believed to have therapeutic properties. Taking a dip in the Dead Sea and indulging in a rejuvenating mud bath can be described as an unforgettable experience.

Tourists must also remember that Israel has many more captivating tourist destinations to explore, including the ancient city of Caesarea, the stunning landscapes of the Galilee region, the archaeological site of Beit She'an, and the city of Haifa with its beautiful Baha'i Gardens.