Turkey Embassy in Sudan

Updated on Nov 26, 2023 | Turkey e-Visa

Information about Turkey Embassy in Sudan

Address: House No: 21, Block No: 8H, 

Beladia Str., East Khartoum


Website: http://madrid.emb.mfa.gov.tr 

The Turkey Embassy in Sudan plays a significant role in assisting the tourists, especially Turkish nationals in exploring new tourist attractions in Sudan. They provide the tourists with updated information by offering brochures, guidebooks and maps which highlight popular cultural sites, attractions, landmarks and events. The Turkey Embassy in Sudan also helps the Turkish nationals with guides, local tour operators, transportation and accommodation.

By partnering with local tourism authorities, cultural organizations and tourism boards, the Turkey Embassy in Sudan also helps distinguish amongst the must visit places in the host country. Hence, the four must-visit tourist destinations in Sudan are:


The capital city of Sudan, Khartoum, is a vibrant metropolis where ancient traditions meet modern development. Tourists may start their exploration at the confluence of the Blue and White Nile rivers, known as the "Mogran”, then they may visit the Sudan National Museum to learn about the country's ancient civilizations and Nubian artifacts. They should also not miss the Omdurman Souq, a bustling market embedded with local culture.


Located north of Khartoum, Meroe is an archaeological site that was once the capital of the Kingdom of Kush. Here, one can explore the ancient pyramids of Meroe, which date back to the 3rd century BC. These pyramids, characterized by their steep angles and distinctive shapes, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offer a glimpse into Sudan's ancient past. Visitors may also spend their time marveling at the well-preserved hieroglyphs and explore the surrounding desert landscapes.


Situated on the banks of the Nile River, Dongola is a historic city with a rich cultural heritage. Visiting the Dongola Archaeological Museum, which houses a collection of artifacts from the Christian period of Sudan's history, exploring the Great Mosque of Dongola, an impressive structure built during the 14th century and lastly enjoying a leisurely boat ride on the Nile are must on the to-do list.

Port Sudan

Located on the Red Sea coast, Port Sudan is a popular destination for beach lovers and diving enthusiasts. Travelers can explore the pristine beaches and indulge in various water sports, such as snorkeling and scuba diving, to discover the vibrant marine life and coral reefs. It is also recommended not to miss the chance to visit Suakin Island, an ancient port city with well-preserved Ottoman-era architecture.

Sudan offers a diverse range of attractions, from ancient archaeological sites to stunning natural landscapes. These four must-visit tourist destinations in Sudan provide a glimpse into the country's rich history, culture, and natural wonders, making them must-visit places for any traveler exploring the country.