Entry Requirements for Turkey Tourist Visa: A Guide for Australian citizens

Updated on Jan 27, 2024 | Turkey e-Visa

Applying for a Turkish visa online from the Australia? Before applying, it’s mandatory to know the entry requirements to ensure a stress-free journey. See here.

Are you planning to visit Turkey on a trip? If yes, it’s necessary to learn about the entry requirements for Australian citizens here even before applying for a Turkey eVisa. It will help you not just understand the visa requirements but avoid the complexities related to travel documents and ensure a successful and memorable journey too. Let’s get started!

Turkey Tourist Visa Requirements for Australia Passport Holders

Recently, Turkey has opened its doors for Australian passport holders with a multiple-entry visa. It’s mandatory to apply for a Turkey eVisa to obtain a legal permit to enter here, especially while visiting for up to 90 days for tourism. Make sure your passport has at least 6 months of validity beyond the date you are leaving Turkey.  

Now, to enter Turkey, you need to follow a few entry requirements, including:

  • A valid passport and visa
  • Government-issued photo ID, like a driving license
  • A valid email address
  • A valid credit or debit card
  • A copy of your Turkey eVisa

Note: Australian citizens cannot enter Turkey without a tourist visa. However, it can’t be used as a work permit! To work in Turkey, you need to apply for a separate work visa at the nearest consulate or embassy. In this case, you need to submit a letter from your employer alongside other documents mentioned. 

How Long Is Turkish eVisa Valid for Australian citizens?

With a Turkey eVisa, you can have the validity of 180 days and within that period, you can stay in this country for up to 90 days. Overstaying can cause deportation, bans, and fines. This Turkey Online Visa is directly connected to your travel itinerary mentioned in your application. The visa validity starts from the date it’s issued (planned travel dates). But, if you make changes in your travel plans and shift the date earlier, you may have to re-apply for it. 

Can Australian citizens Obtain a Turkish Online Visa on Arrival?

Yes, it’s possible for Australian citizens to collect their visas after arriving at the port of entry. Still, the Turkish Government recommends travelers apply for a Turkey visa online before starting their journey rather than getting a visa on arrival because it reduces the risks of delays at immigration.

Turkey Tourist Visa Requirements for Australia Passport Holders

How to Get a Turkey Visit Visa from Australia

For tourism and business meetings, Australian citizens can visit Turkey with a short-term travel visa that you can apply online through the Online Turkey Visa. This eVisa to Turkey allows you a stay of 90 days. 

But, if you want to live here for extended days beyond this period, you have to apply at the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate. In the USA, you will find the Turkish embassy in Washington, DC, and the Turkish consulates in Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, Miami, Chicago, and New York. The agents here will help you simplify the application process and make your visa easy to obtain. 

At the port of entry, you need to get the entry and exit stamps on your passport before you get on the domestic flights. 

What Interesting Things to Do in Turkey for Australian citizens

Since you are allowed to stay in Turkey for up to 90 days, you can explore the best tourist spots in this country and enjoy a lot of things to ensure an unforgettable trip. Such as:

  • Basilica Cisterns of Istanbul, Turkey
  • Limestone Formations at Goreme National Park
  • Archaeological Site of Troy, Çanakkale, Turkey
  • Have a Turkish Bath at Cemberlitas Hamami
  • Watch the Sacred Dance at Dervish
  • Take A Natural at Sauna Pamukkale Thermal Pools
  • Pamukkale Water Terraces, Denizli, Turkey
  • Lycian Rock Tombs, Fethiye, Turkey, and much more

Need Help with Turkey eVisa Application for Australian citizens?

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Australian citizens, Chinese citizens, South African citizens, Mexican citizens, and Emiratis (UAE citizens), can apply online for Electronic Turkey Visa.