Turkey Visa for the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Updated on Jun 16, 2024 | Turkey e-Visa

The turquoise blue waters, breathtaking landscapes, vibrant bazaars, and rich historic sites make Turkey the ideal romantic destination for couples of all ages. The perfect blend of natural beauty and culture makes it a honeymooner’s paradise.

With a rich historic legacy that encloses a huge area with immense diversity, Turkey has emerged as a top tourist attraction in recent years. Here you will be greeted by stunning scenery, gorgeous coastlines, and numerous cultural festivals. The meeting point of eastern and western culture, Turkey is the perfect destination to have an unforgettable travel experience

From the ideal backdrop to start off your married life on happy notes to offbeat activities, and flavorful food, it is the perfect place for couples to pamper themselves. So, embrace yourself to have your perfect honeymoon travel dream realized, keep reading our article to get all the details in check!

What Are The Requirements To Have A Turkey Visa Online

To visit Turkey for your honeymoon, you will need to apply for Turkey Visa Online.

There are a few requirements that are essential to get the visa, which we have listed as follows -

  • The applicant will be required to fill up and submit the travel visa application. So you must have a valid email address and online method of payment.
  • You must have both your original passport as well as all old passports handy. Your current passport must have at least two blank pages, which must be valid for the upcoming 6 months from your date of travel.
  • You must have travel insurance and medical insurance.
  • You must have copies of your flight booking and hotel booking.

You must keep in mind that the fee for your Turkey visa is non-refundable in all cases.

What Are the Best Couple’s Destinations and Activities in Turkey

If you want to have a unique honeymoon, Turkey is the place to be! If you are a couple that likes to do things differently, Turkey is a place that will offer you everything from exotic beaches to dramatic ancient ruins of the Greek and Roman civilization.

The Imperial City of Istanbul

The Turkish city of Istanbul is the place where the east meets with the west, giving rise to some of the most beautiful architecture, a serene natural beauty, vibrant nightlife, delicious food, and incredible cultural experience. Istanbul falls amongst the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in Turkey.

  • Why should you visit - Istanbul is the perfect place to have a great cultural experience along with the vibrant nightlife.
  • What is the best time to visit - From September to October.
  • The most exciting activities for couples - 
  • You can take the Bosphorus cruise that will overlook the whole city along with the Asian and European shores.
  • You can go shopping at the vibrant Grand Bazaar, which is the largest covered market in the world.
  • Get a dose of grandiose architecture in the Blue Mosque, Süleymaniye Mosque, and Hagia Sophia.
  • Have a great nightlife experience in the charming Bebek and Ortaköy villages. 
  • Be dazed by the breathtaking sunset on the Galata Bridge, and enjoy the charming cafes, restaurants, and bars.
  • Get a dose of historic richness in the warm waters of the world-famous Turkish baths, known as hamams.

Get a Glimpse of the Gorgeous Cotton Castle of Pamukkale

Falling amongst the most famous and rich landscapes in the country, the surreal natural wonders and enchanting beauty of Pamukkale have made it the top honeymoon destination in Turkey. The historical remnants and unique geological formations of Pamukkale make it one of the most romantic places in Turkey for couples to visit!

  • Why should you visit - The astonishing natural wonders of Pamukkale gives it a unique layout.
  • What is the best time to visit - From April to October.
  • The most exciting activities for couples -
  • You can enjoy dipping in the soothing hot springs of Travertines and get mesmerized by the dazzling white calcite cliffs in the area.
  • Get a healthy dose of history by visiting the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis. Do not miss out on the unforgettable Hierapolis theatre.
  • Enjoy the scenic views in the Temple of Aphrodite, Hieropolis Museum, and Laodikeia.
  • The Antique Pool of Pamukkale will give you the perfect opportunity to soak yourself in the mineral-rich water of the hot springs.
  • The ancient Pamukkale Castle is going to leave you speechless with its rich beauty.
  • You can spend a day or two and take a walk through the nearby beautiful village towns of Denizli and Sarayköy.

Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Izmir, Turkey

The dazzling golden sand city of Antalya

The perfect blend of mesmerizing beaches, spectacular natural beauty, and great historic ruins, Antalya is one of the best spots in Turkey for couples to spend their holiday in. Settled amidst the Turkish Riviera, couples are guaranteed a great time in the ancient city of Antalya!

  • Why should you visit - The historic ruins are a great treat for all history and culture lovers.
  • What is the best time to visit - From April to October.
  • The most exciting activities for couples -
    • The great maze town of Kaleiçi with its sprawling covered bazaar and the 18th-century mosque of Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Camii. The stunning minaret works of the Kesik Minare are going to leave you spellbound!
    • You can go about exploring the old harbor town of Antalya and spend a day going to the picturesque boutiques, bazaars, cafes, and yachts.
    • The beautiful beach of Lara is a perfect spot to sunbathe at. You can also spend a day at the twin coastal villages of Cirali and Olympus.
    • You can climb to the top of Mount Tahtali using a cable car and get dazzled by the stunning panoramic sceneries of the Taurus Mountains and the coastline.
    • You can spend a day exploring the ruins of Phaselis, and wonder at the ancient theatre, temple, exquisite beaches, and the spectacular Hadrian’s Arch Gate.

Feel the Tranquility of Nature in Oludeniz And Fethiye

Popularly known as the Turquoise Coast amongst masses, the cities of Oludeniz and Fethiye are going to bless you with crystal clear waters, valleys, and mountains covered with pine trees, giving your honeymoon in Turkey an exotic makeover with its stunning natural beauty. At Oludeniz And Fethiye, you will get the perfect opportunity to explore the most beautiful islands in the world.

  • Why should you visit - The crystal clear waters will give you the ultimate privacy.
  • What is the best time to visit - From April or June to September or October.
  • The most exciting activities for couples -
  • You can go paragliding from the Babadag Mountain and enjoy a spectacular view of Fethiye and Blue Lagoon from Oludeniz.
  • You can go sunbathing on the idyllic Oludeniz Lagoon fringed with pines and take a deep dive in the crystal clear turquoise water in the Mediterranean.
  • Go exploring the sunken ruins and underwater caves of the Gulf of Fethiye brimming with its crystalline waters.
  • Spend a day roaming around the nearby ancient Greek island of Rhodes.
  • You can explore the beautiful little Turkish villages and the Roman ruins that have been sand-swept at Patara and take a horse-drawn trip around the areas!
  • Take a day-long cruise in the picturesque Gulf of Fethiye. Do not forget to take breaks and enjoy the mesmerizing views at the Butterfly Valley and Patara Beach.

A vast region that offers varieties of exotic locations and exciting activities for couples, Turkey is an ideal destination for honeymoons. So pack your bags and grab your partner, an exciting time is waiting for you!

Exploring tourist attractions of Istanbul

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