Turkey Business eVisa: Unveiling Trade Opportunities Beyond Travel

Updated on Apr 08, 2024 | Turkey e-Visa

Looking to invest in the growing business sectors? Turkey is an ideal place to do so. Before applying for a Turkey eVisa, discover the trade opportunities!

At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey is one of the top companies with a rapidly growing economy. No wonder more and more travelers are visiting this country and delving into business opportunities to start a new company. And, the first step starts with obtaining a valid travel authorization to enter Turkey for business purposes: A Turkey business visa online.

If you are on the same page, planning to establish a company in Turkey, explore the latest trade opportunities before applying for a Turkey business visa. Read on.

Turkey Business Opportunities Foreigners Can Look into

When it comes to trade opportunities in Turkey, tourism is the first one to hit one’s mind. But, many more possibilities are out there to invest in beyond this sector. For example:

Tourism industry

Turkey is popular for its diverse landscape and rich history and culture, which draw the attention of more and more visitors across the globe every year. That’s why the tourism sector has become the most promising industry to invest in. The number of vacation spots, restaurants, hotels, and luxury resorts has gradually increased, where foreigners can invest in to cater to travelers.

Manufacturing industry

For foreign investors, Turkey's manufacturing industries have brought a golden opportunity to invest in large-scale infrastructure, including access to raw materials and large workspaces, such as chemical sectors, textiles, automotive companies, white goods, and much more. Overall, this country has the ideal potential to invest in the manufacturing industry.

Construction and real estate sectors

Another profitable endeavor is investing in real estate and construction industries in Turkey. Due to the high demand for new housing development and the rapidly growing population in this country, these two sectors are booming. Foreigners can invest in new building construction or existing properties.

Finance and IT sectors

The service sectors, especially technology and finance, are at their peak of success and growth. Its rapidly growing IT sectors and developing startup ecosystem make this country ideal and profitable for foreign investments.

Possible Advantages and Challenges to Investing in These Business Opportunities in Turkey

Investing in these growing trade opportunities in Turkey is highly profitable for foreigners due to the vast and developing market, ideal business environment, and well-trained workforce. Moreover, its strategic location and low tax rates open doors for startups, especially in Asia, Europe, and Middle-East country markets.

On the contrary, the probable challenges foreigners can encounter when investing in Turkey's business sectors are legal, cultural, and economic environments. You may need legal assistance to overcome those challenges.

Turkey Business Opportunities

In Conclusion

Turkey offers an array of trade opportunities for foreign nationals. If you are planning to visit this country for business purposes, like establishing a company here, you need to apply for a traditional visa at your nearest Turkey Embassy or Consulate or obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization called Turkey e-Visa. The latter allows eligible nationalities to enter and stay for 90 days within the 180 days of visa validity. Since it is a multiple-entry visa, you can enter Turkey several times within that validity period.

Now, if you are concerned about a Turkey visa application online for trade purposes, we can help. At TURKEY VISA ONLINE, our experienced professionals can assist business persons and tourists throughout the process, from filling out the form to reviewing the application for accuracy, grammar, and spelling to document translation into English from over 100 languages.

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