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Potential Turkish Applicants who need to visit Turkey on an emergency premise are conceded a Urgent Turkish Visa (Turkey eVisa for emergency). In the situation that you live beyond Turkey and need to visit Turkey for an emergency or pressing basis, like the demise of a relative or loved one, coming to court for lawful reasons, or your relative or an esteemed one is experiencing a genuine disease, you can apply for an emergency Turkey visa.

For regular Visa Application for Turkey or a standard application, the visa for Turkey is normally given in 1-2 days and sent by email to you. In any case, applying for a a week prior to your departure is suggested. Along these lines, you won't ever be surprised similarly as you are all set on your visit. You didn't have the opportunity or the resources to achieve it? Then, at that point, you might in any case apply for a visa without a second to spare utilizing the emergency Turkish Visa. If you email us regarding the emergency, we will be able to process the application on the same day.

The Turkish Tourist Visa, Turkish Business Visa, and Turkish Medical Visa, a Emergency Visa to Turkey or Urgent Turkish Visa is or eVisa application requires essentially less planning time. In the event that you want to venture out to Turkey for purposes like touring, seeing a companion, or going to a tourist trip, you wouldn't be qualified for a Turkish emergency visa since such circumstances are not viewed as Emergency circumstances. Subsequently, you should apply for different visas. One of the qualities of the Emergency Turkish e-visa application is that processed even on ends of the week for individuals need to go to Turkey for crisis or unanticipated conditions.

Turkey e-Visa or Turkey Visa Online is an electronic travel authorization or travel permit to visit Turkey for a period of upto 90 days. Government of Turkey recommends that international visitors must apply for a Turkey Visa Online at least three days before you visit Turkey. Foreign citizens can apply for an Turkey Visa Application in a matter of minutes. Turkey Visa application process is automated, simple, and completely online.

What  differentiates an Emergency Turkish Visa vs a normal Turkish Visa?

An emergency is when something unanticipated happens—a death, an illness that strikes suddenly, or an occurrence that demands your immediate presence in Turkey.

The majority of nations now find it simpler to apply for an electronic Turkish visa (eVisa Turkey) for conferences, travel, business, or medical care by completing an online Turkish Visa Application Form.

Some applications for Emergency Visas for Turkey need a face-to-face meeting at the Turkish Embassy. You cannot wait a lengthy period for the issuance of your Turkish visa if you need to travel to Turkey for business, pleasure, or medical reasons. Our employees will work after hours, on weekends, and on holidays to ensure that anyone in need of an emergency Turkish visa may obtain one in a timely manner.

This might take up to 48 hours, or as little as 18 to 24. The exact date is determined by the quantity of these cases available at any given time of year and by the immigration professionals who can assist in processing emergency Turkish visas for incoming tourists to Turkey. Emergency Turkish visas can be processed by a fast-track team that works around the clock.


If you board the aircraft promptly and use your smartphone to submit your emergency application before departure, you will have the highest chance of receiving your e-visa by the time of landing. However, as the e-visa is issued by email, you will need to have internet access in Turkey in order to acquire it. Does Turkey not have internet access? Since your passport and Turkish visa are linked electronically, there shouldn't be any issues. Consequently, it is uncommon that the immigration office will want to see a hard copy of your visa.

Point to note to during an emergency

It is more probable that applications submitted through the accelerated application process will be rejected. This is due to the fact that passengers who fill out the application form quickly make more mistakes. Take your time and properly fill out the visa application. Your boarding or border entry will be denied instantly if you misspell your name, birthdate, or passport number. You will have to reapply (and pay again) for a new visa in order to enter the country.



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What are the Emergency Turkish eVisa Processing time lines and eligibility criteria?

If you want an Emergency Turkish Visa, you will need to get in touch with your Turkish eVisa Help Desk. It needs internal approval from our management. You might have to pay more to utilise this service. Should a close family pass away, you could be required to visit the Turkish embassy in order to submit an application for an emergency visa.

It is your responsibility to correctly and thoroughly fill out the application. The only days when Emergency Turkey Visas cannot be handled are Turkish National Holidays. It is not advisable to submit many applications at the same time since one of them can be disqualified for being redundant.

In most Turkish embassies, you have to arrive by 3 pm local time in order to apply for an emergency visa. Following payment, you will be asked to provide a face photo, a copy of your passport, and a phone photo. You can apply for an expedited or fast-track Turkish visa online at You will get an emergency Turkish visa by email, which you can bring with you to the airport in either a physical copy or a PDF format. Emergency Turkish Visas are accepted at all Turkish Visa Authorised Ports of Entry.

Make sure you have all the required documentation for the type of visa you desire before submitting your request. Please remember that during the visa interview, lying about the need for an urgent appointment might damage the credibility of your case. 

The following cases will be considered to approve the Emergency eVisa to visit Turkey -

Medical related Emergency-

Travelling is done either to obtain emergency medical care or to follow a relative or employer who is in need of emergency medical attention.

Required documentation

  • a letter from your physician explaining the nature of your illness and the reasons you are travelling to the nation for treatment.
  • a letter expressing interest in treating the patient and providing a treatment cost estimate from a Turkish doctor or facility.
  • Proof of your intended therapeutic payment plan.

Injury or health issues in Family

The journey is intended to provide care for a close member who has been seriously injured or has been ill in the United States (mother, father, brother, sister, child, grandparent, or grandchild).

Required documentation

  • a letter from a hospital or doctor confirming and describing the illness or injury.
  • Information suggesting the sick or injured person is a close relative.

Death of a close relative / family member

The trip's objective is to attend a close relative's funeral or assist with arrangements for their remains to be returned to Turkey (mother, father, brother, sister, child, grandparent, or grandchild).

Required documentation

  • a letter from the funeral director that includes the funeral date, contact details, and details on the dead.
  • It's also necessary to provide evidence that the deceased was a close relative.

Business visit is NOT an emergency -

The purpose of the trip is to address a business matter that was not anticipated in advance. Most business trips are not considered emergencies. Kindly provide the reason behind your inability to book a trip in advance.

Required documentation

  • Two letters, one from your home country's company and one from the relevant Turkish firm, confirming the significance of the planned visit and outlining the nature of the business and the possible loss in the event that an emergency appointment cannot be made.


  • Proof of completing a mandatory three-month or shorter training session in Turkey, accompanied by letters from your present employer and the Turkish company providing the instruction. Both letters should include a detailed explanation of the training and explain why, in the event that an emergency appointment cannot be scheduled, the Turkish or your present employer would suffer a significant financial loss.

Emergency for Student Visa

Returning to Turkey in time to resume work or attend school is the aim of the journey. We anticipate students and temporary employees to make every effort to schedule regular check-ups during their planned stays in the nation. Under some conditions, the Embassy will take emergency appointments for this kind of trip.

When does a circumstance get serious enough to warrant a Turkey Emergency eVisa??

Applications for resumptions, searches of Turkish nationals' citizenship records, applications for evidence of citizenship, and applications for citizenship are all expedited if the accompanying documents show the necessity for urgency:


  • A request has been made by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister's office.
  • Because of a death in the family or a serious illness, the applicants are unable to get a passport in their existing nationality, which includes the Turkish passport.
  • The applicants are Turkish nationals who worry that not having a document attesting to their citizenship may cause them to lose their employment or other chances.
  • An applicant for citizenship who has had their application delayed due to an administrative error may successfully appeal to the Federal Court.
  • The applicant is in a situation where it would be counterproductive to wait to apply for citizenship (for example, they have to give up their foreign citizenship by a specific date).
    Obtaining some benefits, such a social security number, health insurance, or a pension, requires a proof of citizenship.

What benefits come with visiting Turkey with an emergency eVisa? 

The Benefits of Emergency Use of Turkey Visa Online (eVisa Turkey) Turkish visa benefits include completely paperless application processing, the ability to apply online without having to visit a Turkish embassy, validity for both air and sea travel, payment in more than 133 currencies, and round-the-clock application processing. You are not obliged to attend any Turkish government office or get your passport page stamped.

The Emergency Turkish e-visa is provided in one to three working days once the application is correctly filled out, all required reports are sent, and the application is complete. If you select this option, you could have to pay more if you need a truly emergency visa. Visa applicants for tourism, medicine, business, conferences, and medical attendance can use this expedited processing method.

What should you consider before applying for a Turkish emergency visa?

Because the acceptance of an Emergency visa is dependent on an endorsement, it is more challenging than for other types of visas. You will need to provide a copy of the medical clinic's letter to the authorities in cases involving clinical and fatalities in order to verify the illness or demise. Your application for an emergency visa to Turkey will be rejected if you don't follow through.

Take full responsibility for giving correct information—such as your phone number, email address, and social media accounts—in any correspondence that needs further specifics.

The application for an Emergency Turkish Visa is not handled during national holidays.

It may take up to four days for the government to process an application if the candidate has several valid identities, damaged visas, major expired or expired visas, significant effectively given visas, or multiple visas. The Government of Turkey shall make the decision on the application that is filed on this official website.


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Who may apply for an Emergency Travel Visa to enter Turkey?

Emergency evisa to Turkey is valid for the following applicants:

  • foreign nationals who are parents of minor children and who at least one of their parents is Turkish;
  • Turkish nationals wed to foreign spouses;
  • foreign nationals without children who are single and hold a Turkish passport 
  • pupils who are foreign nationals but have at least one parent who is a Turkish citizen;
  • employees with official passports who are employed by foreign embassies, consulates, or recognised international agencies in Turkey;
  • Turkish-born foreign nationals who want to go to Turkey because of a family emergency—a serious illness or death in the immediate family, for example. Because of this, an individual of Turkish descent is someone who possesses a Turkish passport or whose parents now have or formerly held Turkish citizenship.
  • Foreign nationals seeking medical treatment in Turkey (with one attendant if asked); foreign nationals stuck in nearby bordering countries and hoping to reach their ultimate destination through Turkey.
  • The other allowed categories are Business, Employment, and Journalist. These applicants must, however, submit the required paperwork in order to receive specific prior approval.

Important: It is recommended that applicants wait to purchase tickets until they obtain an emergency visa. The possession of a trip ticket will not be seen as an emergency, and this might cost you money.


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What are some additional Emergency evisa for Turkey related information that you must know?

Please keep in mind the following points -

  • A passport or identification document is frequently used as the basis for the issuance of visas.
  • The passport needs to be good for 180 days minimum.
  • The Consulate may only provide visas that are valid for three months starting on the day of issuance due to the COVID 19 circumstance. Therefore, it is advised that applicants apply for a visa closer to the time of their journey to Turkey.
  • The Turkish Consulate General retains the authority to refuse, modify the period, or postpone the issuance of visas without providing a reason. After several verifications and checks, visas are granted. The mere fact that a visa application is accepted does not guarantee that it will be approved.
  • Former bearers of Turkish passports are required to present either their surrendered Turkish passport or their current passport together with a Surrender Certificate. The applicant should surrender their passport in their present place of residence, if they haven't already, if they want to stay in the nation longer than the three-month visa validity period.
    The fees paid will not be refunded, not even in the event that a visa is rejected or an application is withdrawn.
    A specified amount of money would need to be paid by the applicant as a Consular Surcharge in addition to the statutory price.
  • For information regarding visiting Turkey under the COVID-19 scenario, please go through the Frequently Asked Questions on our website.
  • Turkey does not need vaccinations for travel. Those entering the nation from or passing through regions affected by yellow fever, however, need to present a current certificate of immunisation against the disease.
  • Passports and the application form must be submitted together since visas are issued and tied to passports.
  • In most cases, the Consulate processes visas on emergency grounds the same day, provided that all required paperwork is in order.

What is the Emergency Turkey eVisa ?

To summarise the Turkish eVisa provides the benefit of obtaining Visa on Fast Track route. Perhaps you have an unexpected business meeting in Turkey, or you have chosen to attend a festival, or perhaps you arrived at the port of entry and discovered that your nation is no longer included in Turkey's "visa on arrival" list or something more serious like death or illness. Anything might happen to cause a traveller to desperately seek an eVisa. Don't worry; we can expedite your application so that the immigration office will process your Turkey eVisa right away and issue you one.

Any urgent requirement can be requested for an urgent Turkey visa. The majority of countries may now apply for an electronic Turkey visa (also known as a Turkey eVisa) more easily by simply completing an online application for a Turkey visa for business or tourism. There may be circumstances that need you to travel to Turkey immediately; in such case, you can use the urgent application option to demonstrate your immediate need for the eVisa.


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Emergency Turkey ETA is valid for the below nationalities

The below list of countries are eligible for Emergency Visa for 30 days:

  • Vanuatu
  • India
  • Vietnam
  • Nepal
  • Cape Verde
  • Philippines
  • Pakistan
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Afghanistan
  • Taiwan
  • Cambodia
  • Palestine
  • Libya
  • Yemen
  • Bhutan
  • Senegal
  • Iraq
  • Sri Lanka
  • Solomon Islands
  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt

The below listed countries get 90 days Turkish Visa: 


  • Dominican Republic
  • Oman
  • Haiti
  • South Africa
  • Grenada
  • Fiji
  • Mexico
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Bahamas
  • China
  • Suriname
  • Jamaica
  • Maldives
  • Dominica
  • Hong Kong-BN(O)
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Australia
  • Armenia
  • Cyprus
  • United States
  • Saint Lucia
  • East Timor
  • Bahrain
  • Canada
  • Saint Vincent
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Bermuda
  • Mauritius
  • Barbados


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Check your eligibility for Turkey Visa and apply for Turkey e-Visa 72 hours in advance of your flight. American citizens, Australian citizens, Chinese citizens, Canadian citizens, South African citizens, Mexican citizens, and Emiratis (UAE citizens), can apply online for Electronic Turkey Visa. Should you need any help or require any clarifications you should contact our Turkey Visa helpdesk for support and guidance.