Types of Turkey e-Visa (Electronic Travel Authorisation)

Foreign tourists and visitors traveling to Republic of Turkey need to carry proper documentation to be able to enter the country. Turkey exempts certain foreign nationals from carrying traditional or paper Visa when visiting the country via air on a commercial or charter flight. Passport holders of visa-exempt countries can instead apply for the Turkey e-Visa or Turkey Visa Online. Turkey e-Visa is an official document issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Turkey that acts as a Visa waiver and allows international travelers coming to the country via air through commercial or chartered flights to visit the country with ease and convenience.

Turkey e-Visa can be applied online and once your application is submitted, paid for and approved, Turkey Visa Online will be linked directly to your passport and valid for a period of 180 days. Although the Turkey e-Visa has the same function as the Turkey Visa the difference lies in the fact that the eVisa for Turkey is easier to obtain than the traditional or sticker Visa for Turkey whose application and approval takes a longer time than the Turkey Visa Online for foreign nationals which can be approved within minutes usually.

International visitors can apply for Turkey Visa Online for different and and varying purposes, such as for a layover or transit, or for tourism and sightseeing, or for business purposes. Royal Turkey Police carries out the border monitoring and controls the movement of travelers in and out of Turkey. Royal Turkey Police have authority to issue several types of Visa for travel to Turkey, most important of them being:

  • Turkey Express Visa
  • Turkey Business Visa for investors
  • Turkey Visa for visiting relative and friends
  • Turkey Visa for official visit
  • Turkey Multiple Entry Visa
  • Turkey Tourist Visa
Turkey Visa Requirements

Turkey e-Visa is superior to most of the above mentioned visas as it can be applied and completed online in a matter of minutes, it is issued within 24 hours in most cases, it allows multiple visits within a 180 days period not exceeded 90 days. Turkey Visa Online is valid for purpose of tourism and commerce or business.

Turkey e-Visa for Business

As one of the most important countries in the Eurozone, Turkey opens its doors to many business visitors all round the year. Foreign business person from visa-exempt countries that are eligible for Turkey Visa Online can come to Turkey for the purpose of business by obtaining Turkey Visa Online. The Turkey e-Visa allows business visitors to visit Turkey and take part in business activities including attending technical or business meetings, professional, scientific or educational conferences, attend exhibitions or seminars, negotiations of a contract etc. The Turkey Visa Online makes visiting the country convenient and easy for all business visitors to Turkey.

Turkey e-Visa for Tourism

Turkey is one of most popular countries for tourism not only in Europe but the whole world. From picturesque landscapes, lakes and wonders and culturally diverse cities like Istanbul, its got it all. There are some world renowned places in Turkey such as touristic Istanbul, ancient ruins at Ephesus, Old Mardin City, places in Antalya region, North East Black Sea and many more. Foreign tourists who are citizens of any of the countries eligible for Turkey Visa Online and who are travelling to Turkey for the purposes of tourism, that is, sightseeing or recreation, visiting friends and family , spending holidays in any Turkish city, coming on a social activity like as part of a school group on a school trip activity, they can complete Turkey e-Visa Application Form (Electronic Turkey Application System) to allow them entry into Turkey.

Turkey e-Visa for Transit or Layover

Since Turkey is a gateway to Europe, Turkish airports offer connecting flights to a large number of cities in the Europe, international visitors may find themselves in a Turkish airport or a Turkish city for layover or transit purposes on the way to their final destination. While waiting for their connecting flight to another country or destination, international travelers who would have to very briefly stay in Turkey can use the Turkey Visa Online for Transit to do so. If you are a citizen of a visa-exempt country for the Turkey e-Visa and you have to wait at any Turkish airport for a few hours to transit to a flight into another country in Europe or have to wait in any Turkish city for a few days till the next flight into the country of your destination, then the Turkey Visa Online for Transit is the Electronic Travel Authorization that you would need.

All three of these Turkey e-Visa types have made it quite easy and convenient for citizens of Turkey Visa Online eligible countries to visit Turkey for a short duration of time lasting up to 90 days. However, you should keep in mind that Turkey Border Officials can deny you entry at the border even if you have an approved Turkey e-Visa if you do not have all your documents, such as your passport, in order , which will be checked by the border officials; if you pose any health or financial risk; and if you have previous criminal/terrorist history or previous immigration issues.

Check your eligibility for Turkey Visa and apply for Turkey eVisa Visa 72 hours in advance of your flight.