Turkey e-Visa Rejection – Tips to Avoid Rejection and What to do?

Updated on Feb 13, 2024 | Turkey e-Visa

Travellers should check the Tukey visa requirements before visiting the country to discover if they need a travel document for Turkey. Most international nationals may apply for a Turkey tourist visa online, which allows them to remain in the country for up to 90 days.

Eligible candidates can acquire an authorised eVisa for Turkey by email after filling out a short online form with personal and passport information.

However, the approval of a Turkey e-Visa is not always guaranteed. An e-Visa application might be refused for a variety of reasons, including giving false information on the online form and fears that the applicant would overstay their visa. Continue reading to discover the most frequent causes of visa refusal in Turkey and what you can do if your Turkish e-Visa is rejected.

What Are the Common Causes Of E-Visa Rejection in Turkey?

The most prevalent cause for a Turkey e-Visa refusal is something that may be avoided easily. The majority of rejected Turkey visa applications involve fraudulent or erroneous information, and even minor errors can lead to an electronic visa being denied. As a result, before submitting the Turkish eVisa application, double-check that all the information supplied is correct and matches the information in the traveller's passport.

A Turkish e-Visa, on the other hand, might be denied for a variety of reasons, including -

  • The applicant's name might be close to or identical to someone on Turkey's prohibited list.
  • The eVisa does not allow for the intended purpose of travel to Turkey. Holders of an eVisa can only visit Tukey for tourist, business, or transit purposes.
  • The applicant has not submitted all the needed papers for the eVisa application, and extra supporting material may be required for the visa to be issued in Turkey.

It is possible that the applicant's passport is not valid enough to apply for an eVisa. Except for nationals of Portugal and Belgium, who can apply for an eVisa with an expired passport, the passport must be valid for at least 150 days from the desired date of arrival.

If you have previously worked or resided in Turkey, there may be suspicion that you plan to overstay your Turkey e-Visa validity. Some other requirements include the following points -

  • The applicant might be a national of a country that is ineligible to apply for a Turkey visa online.
  • The applicant may be a national of a country that does not require a visa to enter Turkey.
  • The applicant holds a current Turkish online visa that has not yet expired.
  • In many circumstances, the Turkish government will not explain the eVisa refusal, thus it may be essential to contact the Turkish embassy or consulate nearest you for further information.

What Should I Do Next If My E-Visa for Turkey Is Rejected?

If the Turkey e-Visa application is denied, applicants have 24 hours to file a fresh online visa application for Turkey. After filling out the new form, the applicant should double-check that all the information is correct and that no errors have been made that might lead to the visa being refused.

Because most Turkish e-Visa applications are accepted within 24 to 72 hours, the applicant can expect the new application to take up to three days to process. If the applicant receives another e-Visa denial after this period has elapsed, it is likely that the problem is not due to faulty information, but instead to one of the other reasons for refusal.

In such circumstances, the applicant will be required to submit a visa application in person at the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate. Because receiving a visa appointment at a Turkish consulate might take several weeks in some situations, applicants are recommended to start the procedure well ahead of their anticipated entrance date to the country.

To prevent getting turned away, make sure you bring all of the appropriate papers to your visa appointment. You may be asked to provide a copy of your marriage certificate if you are financially reliant on your spouse; otherwise, you may be required to present proof of ongoing work. Applicants who arrive at their appointment with the required papers are likely to acquire a granted visa for Turkey the same day.

How Can I Contact a Turkish Embassy?

Turkey is one of the most visited nations in the world, and most visitors will have a pleasant and trouble-free stay. An eVisa is the most convenient way to enter the nation. The Turkey eVisa application form is easy to use and can be completed in a matter of minutes, allowing you to get an accepted visa through email without having to visit an embassy or consulate.

The Turkish e-Visa is valid for 180 days from the day it is granted after it has been accepted. However, you may require the aid of your country's embassy in Turkey at some point during your stay there. It's a good idea to have embassy contact information on hand in case you have a medical emergency, are a victim of a crime or have been accused of one, or if your passport is lost or stolen.

The list of embassies in Turkey -

The following is a list of the important foreign embassies in Ankara, Turkey's capital, as well as their contact information - 

The American Embassy in Turkey

Address -  Ugur Mumcu Caddesi No -  88 7th floor Gaziosmanpasa 06700 PK 32 Cankaya 06552 Ankara Turkey

Telephone -  (90-312) 459 9500

Fax -  (90-312) 446 4827

Email -  [email protected]

Website -  http - //www.turkey.embassy.gov.au/anka/home.html

Japanese Embassy in Turkey

Address -  Japonya Buyukelciligi Resit Galip Caddesi No. 81 Gaziosmanpasa Turkey (P.O. Box 31-Kavaklidere)

Telephone -  (90-312) 446-0500

Fax -  (90-312) 437-1812

Email -  [email protected]

Italian Embassy in Turkey

Address -  Ataturk Bulvar1 118 06680 Kavaklidere Ankara Turkey

Telephone -  (90-312) 4574 200

Fax -  (90-312) 4574 280

Email -  [email protected]

Website -  http - //www.italian-embassy.org.ae/ambasciata_ankara

Netherlands Embassy in Turkey

Address -  Hollanda Caddesi 3 06550 Yildiz Ankara Turkey

Telephone -  (90-312) 409 18 00

Fax -  (90-312) 409 18 98

Email -  http - //www.mfa.nl/ank-en

Website -  [email protected]

Danish Embassy in Turkey

Address -  Mahatma Gandhi Caddesi 74 Gaziosmanpasha 06700

Telephone -  (90-312) 446 61 41

Fax -  (90-312) 447 24 98

Email -  [email protected]

Website -  http - //www.ambankara.um.dk

German Embassy in Turkey

Address -  114 Atatürk Bulvari Kavaklidere 06540 Ankara Turkey

Telephone -  (90-312) 455 51 00

Fax -  (90 -12) 455 53 37

Email -  [email protected]

Website -  http - //www.ankara.diplo.de

Indian Embassy in Turkey

Address -  77 A Chinnah Caddesi Cankaya 06680

Telephone -  (90-312) 4382195-98

Fax -  (90-312) 4403429

Email -  [email protected]

Website -  http - //www.indembassy.org.tr/

Spanish Embassy in Turkey

Address -  Abdullah Cevdet Sokak 8 06680 Ankaya P.K. 48 06552 Ankaya Ankara Turkey

Telephone -  (90-312) 438 0392

Fax -  (90-312) 439 5170

Email -  [email protected]

Belgian Embassy in Turkey

Address -  Mahatma Gandi Caddesi 55 06700 Gaziosmanpasa Ankara Turkey

Telephone -  (90-312) 405 61 66

Email -  [email protected]

Website -  http - //diplomatie.belgium.be/turkey/

Canadian Embassy in Turkey

Address -  Cinnah Caddesi 58, Cankaya 06690 Ankara Turkey

Telephone -  (90-312) 409 2700

Fax -  (90-312) 409 2712

Email -  [email protected]

Website -  http - //www.chileturquia.com

Swedish Embassy in Turkey

Address -  Katip Celebi Sokak 7 Kavaklidere Ankara Turkey

Telephone -  (90-312) 455 41 00

Fax -  (90-312) 455 41 20

Email -  [email protected]

Malaysian Embassy in Turkey

Address -  Koza Sokak No. 56, Gaziosmanpasa Cankaya 06700 Ankara

Telephone -  (90-312) 4463547

Fax -  (90-312) 4464130

Email -  [email protected]

Website -  www.kln.gov.my/perwakilan/ankara

Irish Embassy in Turkey

Address -  Ugur Mumcu Caddesi No.88 MNG Binasi B Blok Kat 3 Gaziosmanpasa 06700

Telephone -  (90-312) 459 1000

Fax -  (90-312) 459 1022

Email -  [email protected]

Website -  www.embassyofireland.org.tr/

Brazilian Embassy in Turkey

Address -  Resit Galip Caddesi Ilkadim Sokak, No. 1 Gaziosmanpasa 06700 Ankara Turkey

Telephone -  (90-312) 448-1840

Fax -  (90-312) 448-1838

Email -  [email protected]

Website -  http://ancara.itamaraty.gov.br

Embassy of Finland in Turkey

Address -  Kader Sokak No - 44, 06700 Gaziosmanpasa Postal Address -  Embassy of Finland P.K. 22 06692 Kavaklidere

Telephone -  (90-312) 426 19 30

Fax -  (90-312) 468 00 72

Email -  [email protected]

Website -  http://www.finland.org.tr

Greek Embassy in Turkey

Address -  Zia Ur Rahman Caddesi 9-11 06700/G.O.P.

Telephone -  (90-312) 44 80 647

Fax -  (90-312) 44 63 191

Email -  [email protected]

Website -  http://www.singapore-tr.org/

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