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Updated on Feb 13, 2024 | Turkey e-Visa

If you want to visit Izmir for business or tourism purposes, you will have to apply for a Turkish Visa. This will provide you with permission to visit the country for a period of 6 months, for both work and travel purposes.

Much before the city of Izmir was established, there was the ancient Roman city of Smyrna, which was seated on the Aegean coast of Anatolia (which we today know as modern-day Turkey). Visitors today can see many remnants of this fact in Izmir, especially if we visit the ancient Agora Open Air Museum (which is also known as Izmir Agora or Smyrna Agora). Agora can roughly be translated to a “public gathering place or market”, which was its purpose back in the Greek city.

 The Agora of Smyrna falls among one of the best-preserved ancient agoras in today’s world, a large part of which can be credited to the amazing Agora Open Air Museum on site. First built by Alexander the Great, it was rebuilt sometime later following the event of an earthquake. The stunning columns, structures, and archways will give you an everlasting glimpse into what the Roman Bazaars may have looked like back in the day. But there is much more to Izmir than just the remains of the ancient city - here you will find the serene Muslim cemetery Colonnades of Corinthian columns and multitudes of ancient statues of Greek gods and goddesses. 

However, the main problem that most visitors face is the mammoth task of deciding which attractions to visit and on which day - well, worry not anymore! In this article, we will share with you all the details that you need to know about visiting Izmir with a Turkish visa, along with the top attractions you must not miss out on!

What Are Some of The Top Places To Visit In Izmir?


As per what we mentioned earlier, there are so many things to see and do in the city that you will pretty much need to cram up your itinerary as much as possible! Some of the most popular sightseeing attractions visited by tourists include Izmir Clock Tower (İzmir Saat Kulesi), Pergamon, and the Sardis (Sart).

Izmir Clock Tower (İzmir Saat Kulesi)

 A historic clock tower that is situated in Konak Square at the heart of Izmir in Turkey. The Izmir Clock Tower was designed by the Levantine French architect, Raymond Charles Père in 1901 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Abdülhamid II's accession to the throne. The emperor celebrated this occasion by building more than 100 clock towers throughout all the public squares in the Ottoman Empire. Built following the Ottoman Style, the Izmir Clock Tower is 82 feet high and was a gift from Wilhelm II, a German emperor.

Pergamon (Pergamum)

A magnificent city that sits on the top of a hill, Pergamon was a buzzing hub back in the 5th century BC, filled with culture, learning, and inventions, and the flourishing continued till the 14th century AD. You will still find remnants of a few important structures, such as the Acropolis, the Red Basilica, aqueducts, a prominent medical center, a steep amphitheater, and a rich library.

Sardis (Sart)

A perfect day trip from Kusadasi, the pre-Roman ancient ruins you will find in the city of Sardis, once belonged to the capital of the Lydia kingdom from the 7th to 6th century BC. What we know as Sart today was renowned throughout the planet as the richest city thanks to its classical antiquities and the legendary gold supplies that had washed down from the Tumulus Mountains. Oh, and not to forget, it was here that King Croesus had invented gold coins! 

Why Do I Need a Visa To Izmir?

Turkish currency

Turkish currency

If you wish to enjoy the many different attractions of Izmir, it is mandatory that you must have some form of visa with you as a form of travel authorisation by the Turkish government, along with other necessary documents such as your passport, bank-related documents, confirmed air-tickets, ID proof, tax documents, and so on.

What are the Different Types of Visa to Visit Izmir?

There are different types of visas to visit Turkey, which include the following:


a) Touristic Visit

b) Single Transit

c) Double Transit

d) Business Meeting / Commerce

e) Conference / Seminar / Meeting

f) Festival / Fair / Exhibition

g) Sportive Activity

h) Cultural Artistic Activity

i) Official Visit

j) Visit the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

How Can I Apply for A Visa To Visit Izmir?

 In order to apply for a visa to visit Izmir, you will first have to fill up Turkey Visa Application online.

Travellers who intend to apply Turkey e-Visa must fulfil the following conditions:

A Valid passport for travel

The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the departure date, that is the date when you leave Turkey.

There should also be a blank page on the passport so that the Customs Officer can stamp your passport.

A valid Email ID

The applicant will receive Turkey eVisa by email, therefore a valid Email ID is required to complete the Turkey Visa Application form.

Method of Payment

Since the Turkey Visa Application form is only available online, without a paper equivalent, a valid credit/debit card is required. All payments are processed using Secure PayPal payment gateway.

Once you have made the payment online, you will be sent the Turkey Visa Online via email within 24 hours and you can have your vacation in Izmir.

What Is the Turkey Tourist Visa Processing Time?

If you have applied for an eVisa and it gets approved, you will only have to wait for a few minutes to get it. And in the case of a sticker visa, you will have to wait for a minimum of 15 working days from the day of its submission along with the other documents.

Do I Need to Take A Copy Of My Turkey Visa?

It is always recommended to keep an extra copy of your eVisa with you, whenever you are flying to a different country. Turkey Visa Online is directly and electronically linked to your passport.

How Long Is the Turkish Visa Online Valid For?

The validity of your visa refers to the time period for which you will be able to enter Turkey using it. Unless it has been specified otherwise, you will be able to enter Turkey at any time with your visa prior to its expiry, and if you have not used up the max number of entries granted to a single visa.

Your Turkey visa will become effective right from the date of its issuance. Your visa will become automatically invalid once its period is over regardless of whether the entries are being used up or not. Usually, the Tourist Visa and Business Visa have a validity of up to 10 years, with 3 months or 90 days of stay period at a time within the last 180 days, and Multiple Entries.

Turkey Visa Online is a multiple entry visa that allows stays of up to 90 days. Turkey eVisa is valid for touristic and trade purposes only.

The Turkey Visa Online is valid for 180 days from the date of issue. The validity period of your Turkey Visa Online is different than the duration of your stay. While Turkey eVisa is valid for 180 days, your duration cannot exceed 90 days within each 180 days. You may enter Turkey at any time within the 180 days validity period.

Can I Extend a Visa?

It is not possible to extend the validity of your Turkish visa. In the case that your visa expires, you will have to fill up a new application, following the same process that you followed for your original Visa application.

What Are the Main Airports in Izmir?

Izmir airport

The nearest airport to Izmir is the İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport (IATA: ADB, ICAO: LTBJ). It is the only major airport that serves both Izmir city, as well as all other nearby provinces. It is set at a distance of 13.5 km away from the city center. Other nearby airports include the Samos Airport (SMI) (82.6 km), Mytilini Airport (MJT) (85 km), Bodrum Airport (BJV) (138.2 km) and Kos Airport (KGS) (179.2 km). 

What Are the Top Job Opportunities in Izmir?

Since Turkey is trying to build its connection with other English-speaking economies around the world, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teachers are highly sought across all parts of the country and for students that come in all age ranges. The demand is particularly high in economic hotspots such as Izmir, Alanya, and Ankara.

If you want to visit Alanya for business or tourism purposes, you will have to apply for a Turkish Visa. This will provide you with permission to visit the country for a period of 6 months, for both work and travel purposes.


Situated on Turkey’s stunning Central Aegean Coast, in the western part of Turkey, the beautiful metropolitan city of Izmir is Turkey’s third largest city. Learn more at Must Visit Tourist Attractions in Izmir, Turkey

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