Into the Wild: Eco-tourism Adventures in Turkey

Updated on Jun 11, 2024 | Turkey e-Visa

The early 1980s marked the start of eco-tourism; however, in recent years, eco-tourism gained more popularity. Eco-tourism defines the unquenched quest of travelers to explore the natural areas, flora, fauna, local people and the sustainability of the environment. Turkey is famed for its monuments, historical sites, ancient ruins and beautiful beaches, but the country also has magical landscapes like waterfalls, breathtaking forests of the Black Sea region and mighty mountains that contribute to the eco-tourism adventures to experience in Turkey. 

Turkey is a famous destination for travelers. The Middle Eastern country has secured a unique place for itself in eco-tourism. For travelers who are eager to explore nature’s beauty, Turkey is a perfect tourist destination. The natural landscape of the country promises a memorable journey to be cherished forever. Here are a few places in Turkey that offer eco-tourism adventures for travelers. 

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Narköy in Kocaeli province is an educational facility playing a dual role as both an agricultural farm and a modern hotel. The eco-friendly hotel is located in the countryside and has a variety of comfortable accommodations such as lodging units, organic food, and nomad tent stays with full hotel amenities. Besides the countryside view, travelers can take part in the training sessions, workshops, and educational programs offered on the farm. The variety of activities includes being in nature, bread making, permaculture, jam making, compost workshop, gardening, mud workshop, rocket stove, etc. 

The hotel is surrounded by beautiful nature, providing a peaceful and relaxing place to enjoy the morning and evening with family and friends. Additionally, Narköy is the best vacation spot for kids, because it offers a permaculture camp and workshop for children. There’s more to Narköy such as horse riding, hiking, forest tour, etc. The nature and surrounding landscape bestow a relishing experience for travelers. 

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Hızır Ecological Camp

Hızır camp is one of the most famous ecological camping places in Turkey. Camping on the Kirişlik Valley slope of Ida Mountain amidst the untouched nature provides a breathtaking view. The mountain, valley, and surrounding landscape are ample for alluring travelers. Travelers can stay in wooden houses or in camping tents to relax and enjoy their vacation. The camp offers other activities to adventure seekers, such as swimming in the lake, trekking or hiking in the National Park. Stress management and yoga classes are available for travelers who seek leisure.

As the name implies, the majority of the camping tents and houses are composed of natural materials, making way for a sustainable environment. In the near future, the ecological camp aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by generating electricity through solar panels. The camp is packed with all the essentials like the Zeytinli stream, Kirişlik Valley and mountain scenery that completes a perfect eco-tourism vacation.

Pastoral Vadi

The ecological farm, Pastoral Vadi, is unique in its way. The organic eco-farm nested in Yanıklar Village, surrounded by the pine forest near Fethiye, is home to houses built using natural materials like mud, stones, wood, mud-brick, etc. Farmers of Pastoral Vadi are committed to practicing organic farming and an ecological lifestyle. The domestic animals are raised by following a natural diet, and the cooked foods are grown on their own farm through organic farming. Travelers can explore the place with guided tours and take part in workshops and seminars on farming techniques, arts and crafts. 

Especially for children, aged between four to ten years, the camp offers a variety of educational seminars and workshops on drama, games, music, storytelling, etc. Pastoral Vadi is the best place for travelers looking for ecological village life. Exploring the ecological farm is an opportunity to escape into the beauty of nature and a sustainable lifestyle. 

Kocabahçe Glamping

Kocabahçe Glamping is a hidden gem located in the Marmaris Bozburun, Turkey. The place is famous for its clear sea and calm atmosphere. The glamping, camping, and all amenities are cut off from the highway connection, and the only means of transportation is by boat. Travelers can enjoy their glamping with untouched nature and a quiet atmosphere perfect for sharing moments together with family or friends. Kocabahçe Glamping also offers luxury clamping for travelers looking for the comfort they desire. Other activities related to glamping include swimming, fishing, trekking, etc. 

The food served in Kocabahçe Glamping is fresh from the gardens, farms and the sea. Kocabahçe Glamping is the best place to venture into the wild. Enjoying the sound of valleys and water, with luxury clamping and a breathtaking view of Kocabahçe Bay, promises an unforgettable memory. Surrounded by nature, travelers can experience being part of nature in a peaceful and quiet place. 

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Akdeniz Bahçesi

Akdeniz Bahçesi is an eco-resort that offers self-catering service in a holiday cottage for travelers. The eco-resort is situated in the Middle of organic fruit orchards. Located near the Çıralı beach in Antalya, the eco-resort provides the best atmosphere to spend a peaceful family vacation. The fruit orchard is the home to 200 fruit trees, including apples, grapefruit, plums, oranges, mulberries, dates, plums, tangerines, walnuts, etc. The eco-resort also offers various workshops on eco-friendly art and craft activities and traditional weaving methods. A walk into the orchards will leave travellers wondering about the well-managed fruit trees surrounding the eco-resort.

The nearby beach visit offers a relishing experience with fun activities involving paint stone and making jewelry out of beads, seashells and other natural materials. Around the vicinity many boat tours provide a visit to the sunken city of Kekova, nearby caves and bays. Visiting the Sunken City of Kekova is an opportunity to be amazed at the ruins of ancient Greek settlements blended with nature.

Taurus Mountains

Taurus Mountains

The Taurus Mountains range in southern Turkey are the perfect place to elevate eco-tourism adventures to new heights. Ala Dağlar is one of the famous mountain ranges of the Taurus Mountains with high peaks above 3000m, best suited for trekking and hiking. Trekking the mountains is one of the best memories to behold, with all the challenges, rugged paths, lush valleys, diverse landscapes, snow-covered peaks and stunning views from the mountaintop. Travelers can enjoy overnight camping in the mountain range, cloud gazing, and stay in the nearby villages to explore their tradition and culture. 

Taurus Mountain is home to various plants and trees such as pine, oak, wild olive, blackberry, red pine, etc. The spring and autumn months are the best time to go trekking in the Taurus Mountains. The weather during these seasons is observed to be mild and pleasant and the best time to spot the wildlife animals such as wolf, wild boar, wild goat, deer, jackal, etc. 

There is a lot to explore in Turkey for nature lovers. Eco-tourism places in Turkey create a possibility to get stunned by the wilderness blessed upon the country by nature. With the breathtaking coastlines, ancient villages, and diverse ecosystem explore Turkey at its best with nature.  


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